In the Neighborhood

This week’s ArtsBlog from Americans for the Arts is focusing on Arts Education with more than 25 arts ed experts from across the country making contributions. There are some fascinating posts with provocative ideas.  Today, Andrea Temkin’s post, What is Arts Learning Anyway? began with some information about the Alliance for Arts Learning Leadership where she works.

She says it includes the a county arts commission, school districts, community arts organizations, higher ed, teaching artists, teachers, administrators, parents and youth.

If we could create such an alliance in Chatham County, what would that look like? Can you envision an opportunity to work together, collaborate on long-range plans, pool resources, create and support innovative programs with input from a wide variety of talented community members to improve arts education opportunities for our students?

I encourage you to read the ArtsBlog posts, join the conversations, and imagine the possibilities here in Chatham.