Harrison_GinaGina Harrison is currently serving as President of the Chatham Arts Council, in Chatham County NC. After celebrating 30 years of arts promotions and production, the organization recently undertook a year-long analysis and outreach process. With a new logo, new website, and new mission, the Chatham Arts Council will be focusing on 1) investing in artists and 2) educating kids in the arts.

She is founding president of NHSAEF, the NHS Arts Education Foundation. Created in 2007, this community initiative works to promote Northwood High School’s award-winning arts education department in Pittsboro, NC, expand arts opportunities for students, provide resources, and increase community involvement and collaboration in arts education.

Harrison received her BFA in studio art from UNC and worked there as an instructional designer. From 1992  to 2014 she served as director of the publications office at the FPG Child Development Institute. She received UNC’s inaugural Research and Economic Development Employee of the Year Award in 2004 and her design work has received awards from the Raleigh Public Relations Society.

A member of the Duke University Chapel Choir for more than 30 years, she also serves as past president of the Friends of Duke Chapel Advisory Board.


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